1 trick I use to keep my LinkedIn contact list clean

I try to keep my LinkedIn contact list as clean as possible. Quite frequently I’m getting invitations to connect from people I don’t know, and with whom I don’t share much. Most of the times they are recruiters/sourcers who are only interested in building a large list of connections. They don’t even bother writing a line after I accept the invitation.

Here is my procedure to reduce noise in my contact list

Step 1: accept the invitation

Yes! Just accept the invitation. You don’t know if that person is really interested, or just scouting. After you connect, open the profile of that person, and click on the “Tag” in the relationship section.


How to tag a contact


Step 2: tag the new contact as ready_to_trash

This tag is rather self explanatory!


Step 3: periodical clean up

Once every couple months, I filter all my contacts tagged as ready_to_trash ( My network > connection , then in the Filter by chose Tag, and pick the ready_to_trash tag).

I then go one by one, and check the interaction with that contact. If there was no activity at all for a month (heck, even a week) , I delete the contact from my list.


3 months in my contact list…not even a short “thank you for accepting my invitation”

Some of those contacts will come back. After all, if you got on their radar once, you’re likely to become their target again in the near future!