The cyclist in the dark

It was a dark late afternoon… Autumn can be a beautiful season under some aspects, but one thing I really dislike of this season is how early darkness falls on the city. One afternoon I went for a bike ride right after work, using my trusty bike lamp to shed some light on my path. The temperature was […]

1 trick I use to keep my LinkedIn contact list clean

I try to keep my LinkedIn contact list as clean as possible. Quite frequently I’m getting invitations to connect from people I don’t know, and with whom I don’t share much. Most of the times they are recruiters/sourcers who are only interested in building a large list of connections. They don’t even bother writing a […]

how to write a JMeter test

In this how-to I will explain how to write a simple HTTP GET test with JMeter, that can be used to measure the responsiveness of a web site. Step 1: Download JMeter JMeter (an Apache project) requires Java to run. Once downloaded and unpacked, you can execute the UI by running jmeter.bat (windows) or […]